How healthy is spicy food?

There are also in our part of it more and more : people who like to eat really sharp. Why? Because the food tastes more intense. Originally there were more spicy dishes in warm to hot climates on the menu to find because it ‘s body temperature can be down-regulated. But is sharp even healthy? And does it actually happy?

Effect of spicy food

Scharfe substances irritate heat receptors on the oral mucosa. This triggers a heat and sensation of pain varies depending on the degree of severity and personal constitution. The hotter spicy dishes to be enjoyed, the more intense the sharpness is perceived.

From the health point of view a certain sharpness is quite recommended. The antibacterial effect of spicy food is just a positive side effect such as the digestive properties. The so-called isothiocyanates that induce these positive effects are even happy. In addition, the saliva flow is stimulated, which has a positive effect on the oral hygiene. However, it can also pass through the stimulating effect that, for example Heartburn is enhanced. In übetriebener sharpness, the health effect can also be reversed, as the stomach lining is overwrought.

The fruits of pepper plants – for example chili – are quite often used to give dishes a certain sharpness. In general, the intensity of the sharpness of chili peppers and other plants in Scoville is measured. The active ingredient capsaicin actually invokes the feeling of sharpness. 0 Scoville are synonymous with ” no focus “. Pepperoni have between 100 and 500 Scoville, Tabasco Sauce 2500-5000 and the sharpest approved pepper spray 5,300,000 Scoville.

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