Healthy eating according to the food pyramid

The whole world is talking about ” healthy eating “, but nobody knows what that actually means exactly. No wonder every day inundate us allegedly new scientific findings that explicitly try to explain to us why we are allowed to eat certain foods and best yet when. Healthy eating is also often equated with a reduced calorie diet. Some swear by low-carbohydrate diet, the other preach “Rice Day ” and still others eat what they want and are equipped with a body mass index of more than 30 but more of a cautionary example. But how do we feed is actually healthy?

The food pyramid, often called the food pyramid is a relatively simple model, with which everyone can eat healthy – because to take healthy food, no one needs to be an Einstein or even calculate complicated formulas.

The pyramid as a model

The food pyramid works on a simple principle. This model was modified several times in the meantime and further developed. As with all models, there is also the food pyramid divided opinions and the structure varies a little. One must never forget, of course, that models are only models that are for orientation and that reality sometimes but looks different. Nevertheless, models help to have at least one thread and to learn again and again for them.

Candy propel it to the top

The food pyramid, which has the ” German Society for Nutrition, ” edited, composed as follows: In the first place, the very bottom of the base, are the drinks. The DGE recommends drinking a lot of about 1.5 liters per day, preferably unsweetened drinks such as water or tea. Of course, juice spritzers are allowed. Directly above the drinks come in the food pyramid, the staple food that contain carbohydrates. Bread, rice and pasta should be preferred.

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At this staple now close to the vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables that should be eaten often as a supplement to the staple foods. Subsequently, fish and dairy products are, above which then are meat and eggs. The top of the pyramid is made of sweets and animal / vegetable fats. These foods should be the exception, but should still be consumed because the body depends for example on vegetable fats.

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