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Do you want to learn more about the world of cosmetic surgery? Do you think that this field is growing very rapidly and many people trust in it? Well, the answer to all these questions is obvious, considering how useful the cosmetic surgery can be.

Today we want to talk more about cosmetic surgeon in London, because we are sure that many of you are in the process of searching the best one. Try cosmetic surgeon by, where you can read information about different procedures. Continue reading

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Healthy eating according to the food pyramid

The whole world is talking about ” healthy eating “, but nobody knows what that actually means exactly. No wonder every day inundate us allegedly new scientific findings that explicitly try to explain to us why we are allowed to eat certain foods and best yet when. Healthy eating is also often equated with a reduced calorie diet. Some swear by low-carbohydrate diet, the other preach “Rice Day ” and still others eat what they want and are equipped with a body mass index of more than 30 but more of a cautionary example. But how do we feed is actually healthy?

The food pyramid, often called the food pyramid is a relatively simple model, with which everyone can eat healthy – because to take healthy food, no one needs to be an Einstein or even calculate complicated formulas.

The pyramid as a model

The food pyramid works on a simple principle. This model was modified several times in the meantime and further developed. As with all models, there is also the food pyramid divided opinions and the structure varies a little. One must never forget, of course, that models are only models that are for orientation and that reality sometimes but looks different. Nevertheless, models help to have at least one thread and to learn again and again for them.

Candy propel it to the top

The food pyramid, which has the ” German Society for Nutrition, ” edited, composed as follows: In the first place, the very bottom of the base, are the drinks. The DGE recommends drinking a lot of about 1.5 liters per day, preferably unsweetened drinks such as water or tea. Of course, juice spritzers are allowed. Directly above the drinks come in the food pyramid, the staple food that contain carbohydrates. Bread, rice and pasta should be preferred.

At this staple now close to the vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables that should be eaten often as a supplement to the staple foods. Subsequently, fish and dairy products are, above which then are meat and eggs. The top of the pyramid is made of sweets and animal / vegetable fats. These foods should be the exception, but should still be consumed because the body depends for example on vegetable fats.

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How healthy is spicy food?

There are also in our part of it more and more : people who like to eat really sharp. Why? Because the food tastes more intense. Originally there were more spicy dishes in warm to hot climates on the menu to find because it ‘s body temperature can be down-regulated. But is sharp even healthy? And does it actually happy?

Effect of spicy food

Scharfe substances irritate heat receptors on the oral mucosa. This triggers a heat and sensation of pain varies depending on the degree of severity and personal constitution. The hotter spicy dishes to be enjoyed, the more intense the sharpness is perceived.

From the health point of view a certain sharpness is quite recommended. The antibacterial effect of spicy food is just a positive side effect such as the digestive properties. The so-called isothiocyanates that induce these positive effects are even happy. In addition, the saliva flow is stimulated, which has a positive effect on the oral hygiene. However, it can also pass through the stimulating effect that, for example Heartburn is enhanced. In übetriebener sharpness, the health effect can also be reversed, as the stomach lining is overwrought.

The fruits of pepper plants – for example chili – are quite often used to give dishes a certain sharpness. In general, the intensity of the sharpness of chili peppers and other plants in Scoville is measured. The active ingredient capsaicin actually invokes the feeling of sharpness. 0 Scoville are synonymous with ” no focus “. Pepperoni have between 100 and 500 Scoville, Tabasco Sauce 2500-5000 and the sharpest approved pepper spray 5,300,000 Scoville.

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How to pamper yourself

Tick-tock, tick-tock…. the time is running out, and it sure runs faster than you need! You have to finish the papers, get on time to the workplace, do some more papers, get on time for the meeting… it’s crazy. And we are not even talking if you have a family to take care of – you have to get the kids home from school, walk the dog, maybe clean/cook and finally go to bed as tired as never before.

Does this sound familiar? I guess it does sound more familiar than you wish. How about taking an extra action and do something to take care of your hair, skin, even nails – the body overall?

Conclusion: there is no time for you. You don’t have time to go out for even half an hour, you don’t have time to get yourself a quality food, that’s why you jump up to the closest thing that offers anything that could go into the stomach; you don’t have the time to take a long, relaxing shower; you don’t even remember when in the world, was the last time when you saw a doctor just for a check-up, not because your brain almost got cooked from that burning fever.

Stop! Hold on! This sounds too much! And the fact that it “sounds” bad is the smaller trouble. What really happens with your body makes it the bigger trouble.

You don’t need to get that far, before you do something for yourself. So it might be extremely hard for you to get separated from this daily hurricane, but you really must. Your body would not take so much stress for a long time. So do something before you get so sick, that you feel half-alive. Think about your health from this stand point.

There it is – your new car. It is just the ride you have always wanted to have – it is the right model with all the accessories you need, it is your favourite colour, it has the right size of tyres, and it is perfect. It is brand-new and it’s all yours.

And you love it! And just because you love it, you want to take not just a good care; you want to take the best care as possible. To accomplish that you would be willing to get the right fuel, to clean it from the inside and outside regularly, etc. You would be willing to do everything it takes – the time, the money, the attention it needs. Why would you do all that? Because this ride is going to be there for you for the years to come. And so is your health.

Ask yourself “Why I do not feel ok today?” It looks like all your needs are satisfied, but something is really not well at all…It is exactly because the needs are satisfied… somehow. Something’s missing…and that is the understanding that we do not only need to satisfy the needs of the body somehow. Instead of that, we actually have to take care of it – starting with understanding what it takes to take care of the health. When was the last time when you asked yourself „How do I FEEL today?” in order to respond to your body’s needs? This is where the good care begins – with the way of thinking, but even more – with the attitude.

Take a look at the video

Just like with the car – you love it that is why you want to give it not just something good, you want to give it the best. What do I mean? Go ahead and treat yourself! You sure deserve it! You deserve to get a few days off and do something different than work! Get yourself a nice long shower. Ladies, you know what it takes to do something nice for your own body: get yourself a nice hair mask, get a new body lotion for a better skin care, and after all as a finish – take care for your nails – something pretty, but easy to do.

And you should be doing that every once in a while.


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